Are you trying to decide if you should stop that habit of drinking alcohol? You may have already tried few times to cut down and drink responsibly like other people. There are many different factors which contribute to your increased alcohol consumption such as stress, depression, anxiety, perhaps social pressure or may be relationship problems. Therefore it is important for you to address the issue as early as possible. If you want to know how to quit drinking alcohol, then there are many resources available starting from rehabilitation centres, support groups, pharmacological treatment and professional counselling.

How to quit drinking alcohol

Some of the steps on how to cease drinking are:

  • Seek help from drug treatment and rehab centers. If you decide to visit a drug rehab center then you will be put on an alcohol and drug treatment program that will involve counselling and close supervision. People trying to stop drinking and are involved in both professional treatment program and Alcoholics Anonymous show much better results than only undergo one of the treatment.
  • Cold turkey method or withdrawal from drinking of alcohol. Withdrawal from dependency on alcohol can bring a variety of symptoms which can range from mild shakes to moderate withdrawal symptoms that are life threatening. These symptoms include agitation, disturbed sleep, trembling and lack of appetite. People with moderate symptoms may experience brief seizures as well as hallucinations but they do not progress to deririum tremens fully. After thorough examination, the patient is sent home with a four day supply of anxiety medication which is scheduled for follow-up and rehabilitation and is then advised to return if the withdrawal symptoms become severe.
  • Medical treatment for alcoholism through drugs. Scientifically a magic pill is yet to be developed to cure alcoholism but there are some drugs that will help reduce cravings and benefit those who are trying to know how to give up drinking and want a treatment for addiction to alcoholism. Some of the medications that are approved for treatment of alcohol abuse include use of Nalmefene which is used in the medical treatment of alcoholism because it is found to reduce craving for some patients. Second is use of Naltrexone which works by blocking in the brain the highness that people experience when they drink alcohol. Lastly is Disulfiram or Antabuse which works by causing a severe reaction that is adverse when someone takes alcohol during medication.
  • Prevention of relapse. There are several triggers to relapse for those recovering from alcohol but there are successful preventive measures. Some of the triggers include friends and social atmosphere, weekends and holidays, anger, trying to find oneself, being out of work and also the thoughts of past, present conditions and the future. In order to avoid a relapse you have to declare in your mind that you have had enough and avoid all the triggers above and focus on other activities such as health eating and exercises.
  • Find support groups and join. You can join a Christian support group meeting that will help you go through the recovery process. Such programs include secular rehab programs and many other support groups and programs available for those having a drinking problem.
  • Weaning. This involves transition from the habits of drinking and joining a program that will help an alcoholic recover and nourish. This transition depends on the decision of the person affected and he/she have to be fully dedicated to undergo rehabilitation and transition.


In this process of quitting drinking, all you have to think about is how much alcohol hurts your personal life and dedicate yourself to follow the above steps on how to stop drinking and you will be amazed by the results of a successful drinking problem recovery. You also need to know what quitting drinking also decreases the possibility of baldness. For additional information on quit drinking, you can check